Aditya Khakhria mentioned working in right direction you can achieve your goal

When you are really passionate about something then practicing it and moving forward in

that way always brings an upbeat ending. Aditya Khakhria was always into digital designing

from the time he was in 12 standard. He used to keep on changing his phone wallpaper

constantly by designing it himself through the software available at that time. Aditya even got

featured on some of the renowned pages on Twitter for his designing work. That gave him a

clarity that he wanted to pursue graphic designing as his career option.

No one can reach the pinnacle in one go, it takes small steps to accomplish what you want.

And no hard work done is ever wasted. In 2015, when Aditya was in college he opened a

Youtube channel named Android Junkies. He just earned 50 US dollars at that point of time

for his endless hardwork of 500+ hours.

But no work done is ever wasted. This 500+ hours of hard work by Aditya helped him to give

rise to something more good. That is now Aditya can charge 150 US dollars for a video of 30

seconds and all the work adds on to his experience. He came across with some wonderful

editing software and working on them regularly resulted Aditya into acing on them.

After his graduation Aditya started a job as a web designer where he was learning web

designing and web app development. Within one month he launched his brand Aditya Sturdy

Technology where Aditya was learning typography,layouts ,color plates etc. His job was a

9am to 5pm job which he thoroughly enjoyed doing as he always loved to gain knowledge

and after that from 5pm to 3am he used to learn other things and work for his own brand.

For Aditya, work was never been a burden as he loved what he did , he loved his job. And as

nothing comes easy you have to put in a little extra. Just a 9 to 5 job is not enough, one has

to give in a lot more. Maybe endless working hours to work on yourself and to be better. To

set the bar high for everyone else.

Finally he banged his first project from a Delhi based company named Explorar in 2017.

They asked Aditya to create 8 plus posters for their campaign. Till date his company has

completed 3500 plus projects from across the globe and helped 200+ brands reach millions

of audience. Aditya and his team give their all efforts to complete all the projects on time and

with efficiency.

He left his 3 years old job in 2020. Regardless of the challenging times during the pandemic

their constant efforts help them to gain more projects across the globe. They gained more

than 40 clients during the pandemic as his sole focus was on his company. They survived

the pandemic and gained results due to their constant work .

Self-belief and hard work always help in earning success.

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